The Make-Up Blenders and Their Uses

The Make-Up Blenders and Their Uses

There are various types of make-up blender that we find in the market these days. Yet not all are meant to be used for a single purpose. Like you have your make up brushes blenders have their own importance and usage. So today we have brought some of the unusual shapes of the beauty blender and we will discuss with you what their usage is. You can find these online as well as on many make-up stores. They came in single packing in the makeup store but if you visit online you might find two or more of them in a single packaging. So let’s begin with our blender search.

Foundation Sponge

This is a regular sponge that has a teardrop structure. It has a tip and the round end. This blender is usable for spreading the foundation evenly to every area of the face. The quality of this product varies from brand to brand. The sponge has three types one is dense, medium, and light. The difference between them is the density of the sponge. How much material can it hold on it? The pores on it play a crucial; role in the spreading of the product. Se we don’t want to take much foundation on the sponge, it is always suggested that you go for medium pore. Thus find the perfect teardrop blender to blend in your foundation. It works best with liquid foundation.

Pear Sponge

It has a somewhat similar function as the teardrop sponge. This can be used to spread liquid foundations as well as BB and CC creams. They give an even texture on the face. If you apply cream mixing with the foundation this will give you an even blend all-around face and neck. Moreover, it gives a better hold as it has a little inverted in the center, it is pointed from one side and round from the other end. The pointed one helps in applying the foundation to the small region such as on the side of the nose and ears. This also gives a nice blend on the jawline.

Olive/Eyes sponge


These two sponges are used for the same purpose, you can apply concealer with the help of these and give a nice blend. Let’s talk about each one by one. The eye sponge has two pointed ends and is thick from the center. So if you two sides to work with one for each eye. You can hold it from the center it will do the blending in the triangular motion. Now the spade is more popular as it has pointed ends by it is little asymmetrical. One end is bigger than the other. So if while applying eye shadow you have got some glitters on the lower eyelid you can use the small section to correct the error and use the bigger one to apply concealer in the first place.

Sculptor Sponge

Sculptor sponges are the one which has triangular cutting on one end to the sponge. The purpose of these sponges is to apply a heavy foundation most amazingly. So you are light skin tone and what to give your face a light beige tone to have a little warm make-up feeling this foundation sponge will help you get the best results. Other than that you can use these sponges to dap powder on your skin the round angle on one side and the slanting part will help you spread the powder evenly to the thinner portion of the face. Some even use this to highlight or bronze their cheekbone and blend into the headline. There are many sculptor sponges but not all are function the triangle one can work well.

Blotting Sponge

Sometimes we try to do more natural makeup. Therefore you need this sponge. So far there are rare chemical-free liquid foundations which are developed without oil in them, so an oily skin person cannot use these foundations you need the blotting sponge to apply an even tone of this foundation on your skin. They will work without spreading much oil on your face. You can use blotting sheets as well but the sponge gives a better result.

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