All of us are discover new outfits coming out each season. We love to try out different dresses, jumpsuits, pants, tops, etc. The one thing which can go wrong when you wear these is when they aren’t styled properly so we end up looking kind of stupid in a new outfit. There are ways in which we can stop these wardrobe malfunction kinds of situations from happening. Thus we have gathered a few points to bring you the best dressing style with a few outfits we love to have in our closet. So let’s get started with the list of things, we need to make right.


Wearing pantyhose has been out of trend for some time now, yet a few of us love these and feel comfortable in them. Besides they give your body an even tone. So if you are a lover of pantyhose then you need to learn just one thing that never wears sandals with them. Whenever you dress with these you must wear heels and they have to be pumps or loafers. The open toe heels make it look so weird. It hides your toes as well as your toenails, thus when you wear open-toe sandals or heels you love not pleasing at all. Therefore next time wear close feet shoes with them.

Padded Heels

Some people have been trying out platform pencil heels just because they get to wear fake high heels. The look of the front platform and back pencil heels is a cheating tool. I personally believe that when you cannot wear high heels why should you try? Wearing fake 6 inches heels when originally you are wearing only 4 inches because we have got the front flat-form. Why do that with yourself; try to keep it simple and comfy. However, the wedges heels can be worn in this manner as they are equal from front till back but the pencil platforms aren’t a cool look.


Wearing glitter has been gone of trends for a decade now. So if you are planning on wearing something with glitters on in a day’s light you find it weird and out of space person. So wearing glitter is a complete No, No situation. However, the trend of metallic is something worth appreciating but only in the darkness of night. There are decent metallic colors that look good in the day as well as night like the pearly white toned dress. Now, if you have something that has glitter work on it give it up now, because that thing had its days, and they are not coming back. Avoid shopping the dresses which have glitter work on them and those which shed the shimmer all the time.

Cropped Sweaters

Cropped sweater on the floral dress is the sign of a romantic movie. Let it be that only because these are not in trend anymore. It gives a weird structure to a person’s body shape. Suppose you are wearing a spring dress and just to cope up with a little cool breeze outside you pick up this shrug kind of a sweater. It’s open so it’s not going to protect you much however, it will only cover your sleeves. Besides that, it will add one more layer to your physic. So stop grabbing these and go for a cardigan instead. Those look stylish and chic.

Fake Lashes

The invention of fake lashes was to help the girls who do not have many lashes on their top eyelash lid. Getting too heavy hair fake lashes just add not so your personality to an individual. It’s like they are drawing all the attention from you as a person. They will be highlighted the most. So don’t go for the crazy big heavy lashes. Less is more in this case. We all know how much is the ideal natural growth to try to replicate that not going for extra.

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