Some of you girls must be completely new to the term lipstick bleeding or feathering but believe us, this is not as new as it may sound to you. In fact, it is quite a common problem especially when summers hit your place. In case you are still wondering what lipstick bleeding is, it is something that involves the leaking of pigmentation of your lips products from the edges of your mouth. Just imagine coming back home after a long day only to see that your entire lipstick has smudged around your mouth and you look absolutely silly let alone embarrassing. This is quite common during summer but this disaster can be easily prevented from happening if you follow a few hacks.
Humidity and hot temperature can easily mess with your lipstick’s formula and make them bleed which can completely ruin your makeup look but to make sure that it doesn’t happen with you, follow these hacks that we have listed below and you’ll be good to go.

Blot and dust

One of the best ways to make sure that your lipstick doesn’t budge and stays in place all day long is by following this layering hack. After you are done applying the first layer of lipstick, blot it up with a tissue and then dust some translucent powder on the top. Gently remove the tissue and reapply the lipstick as a final coat. Blotting and dusting step will ensure that your lipstick remains sealed and doesn’t get smudged or start bleeding.

Apply a clear lip liner

Another great way to ensure that your lipstick doesn’t start to bleed is by applying a clear lip liner which is also known as a reverse lip liner or invisible lip liner. The product is applied on the outer edges of the lips which acts as a barrier and doesn’t let your lipstick bleed through. This is a kind of mistake-proof way of preventing your lipstick from bleeding as you won’t have to worry about following the twists and turns of your natural lip line.

Seal the lipstick with concealer

We all know that concealer works beyond just concealing the imperfections. It not only helps your lipstick to last longer but it also helps to pack it in and doesn’t let the lipstick bleed through. But you don’t have to apply the concealer before putting on the lipstick, in fact, you will have to apply it after you are done painting your lips and then apply it on the edges of your lips which won’t only prevent your lipstick from bleeding but it will also help in fixing lipstick mistakes as well.

Apply a coat of balm and lip gloss

While we know that lip stains work pretty effectively in coloring the inside of the lines but there’s one easy hack that will work even on the hottest days of the summer. The trick is very easy to follow and all you will need is a lip balm or lip gloss to get the job done. Once you’re done painting your lips, allow it to dry properly and after making sure that it has dried, you can apply a coat of balm or lip gloss on your lips. Doing so will help in keeping your lips hydrated and it will also ensure that your lipstick doesn’t bleed.

Use a blotting paper

While tissues can come super handy to blot the lipstick and are usually one of the most important steps to follow but on days when your lipstick is bleeding more often, blotting with tissue won’t be enough. In this case, you will need a blotting paper which is usually used on the face to absorb the excess oil and mattify it. You can also use it to blot your lips and it will help in absorbing excess pigmentation of your lip color.

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