Having thin breasts can really make a girl’s life difficult. It can be really difficult to dress up for flat bodies and when the womanly curves are missing we get to hear unwanted comments from people. Well, it can be challenging but if you change the way you dress up. You can really make a difference and look pretty. Indeed the chest will be noticed but at the same time, your dressing will compensate for it. So, let’s talk about the hacks or the pieces that you can introduce to your wardrobe to have an amazing posture.

Over-Sized Clothes

People who have been telling you half or more than half of your life that you cannot wear oversized clothing; but these are your friends. Why? Because even when a 34 C size wears and oversize clothing, their bodies seem to flat as well, but you can tuck them around your waist to give the feminine curve. Besides dressing in this form of clothing has a superb feeling to it. It is a somewhat similar feeling as if you are inside a warm blanket on a cold winter night. The cloth will drown you into them and it will lay flat on your body similar to other body types. You can dress them casually as well as formally. For formal attire, you can choose to tuck or add on some layer to your dress because layering again makes the difference.


Layering jewels around your neck with a V neck could really not hurt your styling. Since the breasts are small there wouldn’t be a cleavage but the jewels seeing through the V neck with make it possible for you. Whereas, if heavy bodies do try this look they will look exaggerated, as there would be too much going on. So, to your benefit, you can add a pendant necklace, a choker, and a mid-length. It will be cool for casual hangout if you add on the funky pendants to these chains and for a formal make sure you are wearing the decent gold jewels.

Lingerie Pieces

Investing in pretty lingerie dresses can really be a fun dress for your everyday outing. Well, of course, you don’t have to wear those dresses in the way they are meant to be worn. Because stepping out in lingerie nights can really make people’s mouth open. So you need to style it with a subtly like you can wear a tee inside and slide these lingerie pieces over it. This can be really a fun way of styling but it isn’t something formal at all. You can also try these night-wears with the layering. Such as, you can pull up your jean jacket or normal leather jacket over it, and to add the sexy and subtle element in your dressing. Believe me, girls every woman wishes if she could show off her sexy lingerie sometime in their life.

Structure Tubes

Structured tubes are the tubes that are usually made of a thick material like leather. You can even refer to them as a corset of the earlier 18th century. The lace ties on a leather blouse could really add some glam to the look. You must not forget to wear bold necklaces with this as well. However, the necklace doesn’t have to be long-chain and pendants whereas, you need to wear medium length chains or neckbands with these. If you feel that you aren’t comfortable in the petit size you can wear a jacket over it or cover it with a scarf. There are many ways in which you could tie a scarf’s you can carry them as well.
We know it is easier said than done, but you need to trust on this one, ladies. We all have issues in life some have body issues and others have the outer worldly issues but nothing should stop you from thinking that you are pretty.

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