What to wear this Thanksgiving

What to wear this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not very far away, would say just around the corner and we do not have the perfect outfit for this festival. Outfits for Thanksgiving can be tricky to find as women need the outfit that can be of multiple-use. It is difficult to find the outfit that can be perfect to click pictures in and look stunning and confident and also be comfortable and should have a lot of room for the second or even third serving of the delicious dinner. Also, to see where you would be having dinner and to match the outfit accordingly. Let’s look at some of the clothing options you can select from and dress up on this Turkey season.



Dresses of all kinds, from flowy to slip-ups to maxis to short lengths to shirt dresses all are perfect for the season and this holiday festival. These dresses are flowy and have a lot of room and can be the best choice for this holiday. Dresses are perfect for any high-end dinner as well as a homely laidback dinner. Layer them up with some sweaters to protect yourself from the harsh weather and you are good to go. Pair them with heels, sneakers, or even high boots. Accessories the outfit the way you want. 


Long coats

Long coats or trench coats are a timeless piece of fashion that can be worn anywhere. This piece of fashion enhances the overall outfit and makes the outfit more sophisticated. You can style a coat with a dress, denim, trousers or even a skirt. They are versatile and can be paired up with anything. Wear a dress with a trench coat and boots and voila you are ready for the holiday. 


Loose Fit

Loose fit or can say oversized clothing is trending nowadays and can be seen everywhere. This is the era of comfortable clothing and people are ditching body-hugging clothes for loose, breezy clothing. For this festive season, this fit is an excellent choice as it has all the aspects of the perfect dress for the holiday. This fit is trendy, fashionable, comfortable, and has a lot of room so that one can each as many serving as one wish to. Pair a loose t-shirt or hoodie with some straight or mom jeans and you got yourself an easy, simple and comfortable look. 



Vests and knitted sweaters are famous in this season. You can wear either wear sweater alone or can wear it over a dress or a t-shirt. Vests are usually worn over a collared shirt but nowadays you can experiment a lot and wear the clothing item the way you want. You can wear a cropped sweater over a t-shirt or a vest over a flowy dress or can pair it with a skirt, style this clothing just the way you want.



Leggings are the most comfortable clothing that can be styled easily with anything and everything. They are perfect for a home dinner this thanksgiving as you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore after having a huge dinner. If you are going out for dinner then you can opt for some fancy leggings such as some good pair of faux leather leggings. These leggings are comfortable as well as dressy.



Skirts can never be wrong. They can go with any occasion; all one needs to know is what skirt is for which occasion. You have a wide variety of skirts to look from for this season. A super cute flowy skirt paired up with a sweater or a pretty top or a denim skirt or a warm knitted skirt. You can choose the skirt you want on the basis of the place you are visiting and the look you are going after. Skirt paired up with warm sweaters and boots is the outfit of fall.

Thanksgiving is all about being there with the people you love and appreciate. Dress for this festival the way you want. Look for the new trends and see what is the best for you. Give yourself the outfit that makes you feel confident as well as comfortable. Enjoy the festive season to your heart’s content.

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