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The Rule Book of looking stylish 24*7!

Being stylish is not a matter of expensive clothes and accessories or brands and labels. No matter what you do in styling your clothing or picking the right fit, everything goes in vain if you don’t flaunt it the right way. The thing is that being stylish is simply a way of life and not […]

Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that are worth the steal

With just less than a month left for valentines, you girls may already have started prepping yourself for the day. But the thing is, every person takes this day differently and holds different views and opinions regarding the same. Well, we can’t say who’s right or wrong, but one thing is for certain that those […]

Slay in your winter outfits using these fashion tips

Just because winter has arrived, it doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on your style and comfort. We understand, styling different outfits become a little difficult during winters, but when you have got all the right ways rolled up your sleeves, no one can stop you from rocking your winter outfit. Fashion is all […]

Things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect coat

The winter season requires wearing multiple layers of coats, jackets as well as cardigans. With so many layering of clothing, the last layer that you put on is a coat and that is why special attention must be paid to it. The kind of piece that you pick, the quality, color and other variations that […]

Stylish ways to amp up your jeans outfit in 2020

The New Year is all about a fresh take on everything, be it your clothes, shoes, accessories and even fashion trends for that matter, there’s always an upgrade every year. While new trends are an intriguing way to incorporate into your personal style, but that doesn’t mean you will be bidding adieu to your favorite […]

Fashion rules of dressing up for a wedding as a guest

Weddings are one great way for people to assemble together, socialize with each other, and bestow their blessings upon the bride and the groom. While it makes for a great get together kinda occasion, there’s something that every person should take care of when attending a wedding as a guest, and that is wearing the […]

Quirky mom jeans that you should pick right away

Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans are a thing and if you love them, then you would love this trend of mom jeans as well. Mom jeans do not mean that they are meant for the moms, they are just as comfortable and cozy as you want them to be. The basic tailoring of mom jeans includes […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of wearing cocktail attire

Deciding on what to wear to certain events and parties can be a little overwhelming for any woman, especially when you have got a certain dress code to follow. While the dress codes majorly are decided on the basis of the party’s theme but in a majority of the cases, cocktail attire is something that […]