If your love for shoes is a real thing and you can never have enough of them, then you’re at the right place. One can never have enough shoes because they literally define who we are! Everyone judges each other on the basis of their footwear choice intentionally or unintentionally. It’s one of the first things we’re noticed about. So they should always be attractive, perfectly fitted and in plenty! Because we don’t want to dress in the same shoe time and again. We discovered this amazing American footwear retailer that has one of the best shoes on their website. The DSW- DESIGNER SHOE WAREHOUSE is a US-based e-commerce platform that has more than 500 stores in America. It’s a top-quality collection, unmatched brands and incredible designs have come a long way since its foundation in 1969. Read more

Rainbow reminds us of all the beautiful colors in the world. ‘VIBGYOR’ as we term it, the rainbow colors are made of Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and, red. Dressing up in streamlined colors is a thing of the past when stereotypes were rolling in all the time. But now it’s all about picking unique colors from the color palette. No one would have ever thought that clubbing all these colors together would actually bring out one mind-blowing outfit.

The rainbow fashion trend is the existence of all the rainbow colors in an outfit either in the form of stripes shirts or Technicolor skirts. As the saying goes, ‘You got it? You flaunt it!’ So if you have a closer look at this particular trend, you’ll know that there is no other way to brighten up your look than this one. We’ve picked the best out of the lot and listed some combinations from the rainbow trend that you can flaunt on your next outing- Read more

Everyone loves their hair the most. They are a natural accessory on our body that we can stylize in any way we want. Tying them up in a bun, leaving loose into curls or poker straight hair-there are so many styles to carry our hair beautifully for every occasion. With so much addition of colors in the wardrobe, there is no chance that hair could lack behind. You can add color to your hair too and sway them in cool breezy air with a fun attitude. Now unknowingly, many of us get out hair colored and then regret later. This is not because the color is not flattering but because it is not right for our skin tone.

Skin tone plays a huge role when you plan on picking the correct color for your hair. Skin tones vary from fair to medium and dark, so before you dig into getting your hair color done, have a look at these picks from our experts. It can be a really tricky business to pick the right color the first time. So, we’ve listed below the best hair colors for fair skin beauties – Read more

Definitely an accessory with the most utility and fan following! Every woman loves this accessory because it has multiple styling options and also is very convenient to carry around all day. It is the ultimate wardrobe staple for fall and winter. One cannot deny the importance of wearing a shawl in breezy winters. You also get to flaunt a cool vibe with it. You feel instantly all dressed up so what else do you need? You need a style guide to wear that same shawl in different ways with different outfits and occasions. Whether it’s knit, silken or infinity shawl, it can be worn universally with everything in the chilly weather. We have shared the best styles to wear this fall season to step out in style- Read more

Every skin tone is pretty. Every person is beautiful. It’s not ‘the fairer, the prettier’ game anymore. You will see dusky women in ramp walks and runways posing as models and even appearing in advertisements to endorse beauty products. Because beauty is not what you look like on the face, it’s what you feel on the inside. When you feel pretty on the inside, it reflects on your face and that glow is what we define as beauty! So the next time you hear someone saying, ’pink is your color!’ it means that color really flatters your skin and brings glow on our face.

Now, this takes us into thinking that different colors flatter different skin tones and bring out their glow. Maybe the color pink won’t do it as well as black. So study and analyze carefully what looks best on you and then go for the right option. We have listed different color options for various skin tones, have a look- Read more

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a leading omni-channel that showcases top-quality sports goods. We call it omni-channel because it is the sole retailer of all the products and essentials related to sports only. It is a US-based company that was founded by Richard Dick Stack in 1948 with a very unique and profound idea. Dick’s Sporting Goods has around 850 stores and over 30,000 working force at present. They have successfully added so many feathers to their cap in all these hard-working years. They offer a vast range of sports equipment, apparel, footwear, accessories and basically everything that is related to sports. This concept is specially curated for all the sports lovers so that they don’t have to run errands. This is a one-stop destination for all those passionate people who live and breathe sports. Read more