Makeup is one of those things that no girl likes to compromise with. However, no matter how expensive or inexpensive the product is, it eventually runs out of its shelf life, leaving us with no choice but to throw it away. And believe us; we know how it feels to get rid of your makeup product on which you probably spent quite a lot of money. Makeup products are no less than a luxury investment, it’s not every day that you get to buy makeup and when you do, you always try to get your hands on the best amongst the whole lot. However, certain things are beyond our control, and expiry date or product getting too old is one of those things. You cannot keep using the same product for years, every product has a particular shelf life and when you run out of its shelf life, you all probably get rid of the product. Considering the investment that we make, you would want to make the best use out of the product to make it worth every single penny you spent on buying it. And luckily, there are quite a few ways to repurpose your old makeup and create them into a completely different product. Curious to know about them? Keep on reading.


It hurts to see your favorite eyeshadow getting expired, but you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the palette. We are not telling you to use the palette to apply eyeshadow on your lids but to create some coolest nail colors for yourself using the eyeshadow shades. Take any eyeshadow color from the palette, crush it into a fine powder, and put it in a bottle of clear nail paint. Shake the bottle to mix everything to perfection and let it rest for a couple of hours before using it.

Face oils

Using old face oils may leave your skin irritated, causing acne breakouts and rashes. Therefore, instead of using it for your face, make another product out of it that won’t cause any harm. You can easily use your facial oils to create body scrub, add some sugar into the bottle and use it to scrub your body and voila, you will have buttery soft skin, free of dead skin cells.


Lipsticks are one of the most important parts of our makeup kit, and no girl likes to see her favorite lipstick breaking down into pieces, it’s heartbreaking. However, there’s a way you can put that lipstick to great use. Instead of finding a way to make it work as a lipstick, make it work as a tinted lip balm. Yes, you heard that right! Take those broken lipstick pieces and melt them until you get liquidy consistency. Pour the liquid lipstick in a tiny tub and mix it with some baseline to create a new tinted lip balm.

Expired mascara

Using expired mascara on your lashes can cause some serious damage. Therefore, you should completely refrain from using it. However, you don’t have to get rid of the mascara bottle, particularly the wand. It can easily be used to groom your lashes and brows. Just make sure to wash the spoolie thoroughly to get rid of all the residues. You can use it to groom your brows and tame the unruly brow hair, additionally; it can also be used to get rid of mascara clumps from the lashes.

Skin toner

Most skin toners contain alcohol in them, which might not exactly be beneficial for your skin but can be put to great use for serving another purpose in your life. Even if your skin toner has expired, you can use it to clean your windows and glasses. Pour some toner on a cloth and use it to wipe the glasses or mirrors to get rid of all the dirt and dust.

No matter how clean or soft your skin is, those stubborn under-eye dark circles can easily bring your look down and make you look more tired and dull. Blame it on poor lifestyle or improper sleep schedule; those dark circles are a constant reminder of you being tired or not having the right lifestyle. While we certainly cannot blame you for not having a proper sleeping routine at night, because of those innumerable shows on Netflix or meeting work deadlines, we can try to help you get rid of those stubborn under-eye dark circles.
Dark circles can be pretty stubborn, they are not easy to get rid of, no matter what treatment you follow. We know, having this pigmentation under the eyes can be pretty frustrating to deal with at times, but you don’t need to give up on hope yet. For all those girls, who have gotten pretty sick of having these dark circles, we have got good news for you. Combating dark circles won’t be much of trouble anymore, by using these few ingredients for the pigmentation under your eyes; you will get rid of dark circles permanently.


Potato is arguably one of the best ingredients for treating under-eye dark circles. It is packed with nutrients and bleaching properties, which helps in reducing pigmentation. Using potato for dark circles helps in nourishing the area under your eyes and reduces the pigmentation. You can either place thin slices of potato on each eye or you can use its juice by grating potato in a bowl and extracting its juice. You have to keep the slices or cotton pads for at least 15 minutes every day to make this remedy work.

Rose water

It’s no secret that rose water benefits your skin in a couple of amazing ways and it is known to be a rich source of phenolic compounds, which not only helps in adding antioxidants to the skin but also prevents oxidative stress. In addition to that, rose water is extremely hydrating in nature, which helps in repairing dry and damaged skin. Rose water’s hydrating property helps in lightening the under-eye dark circles. You can place rosewater-soaked cotton pads over your eyes for about 15 minutes every night before sleeping.

Raw milk

Raw milk is one of those ingredients, which can be easily found in almost every kitchen. While it is known to have multiple health benefits, its beauty benefits can leave you surprised as well. It is one of the best natural remedies to treat under-eye dark circles. Raw milk is a rich source of lactic acid, which work towards exfoliating your skin very gently, on the other hand, its moisturizing property helps to nourish the area under your eyes and leaves it hydrated. Apart from brightening up the area under your eyes, it also eliminates any signs of fatigue around your eyes. Soak the cotton pads with cold raw milk and place them over your eyes for about 10 minutes, do it twice or thrice a week to see the results.

Green tea

Using green tea for treating dark circles is easily one of the most effective remedies. It is known to work excellently for most people; it might work for you as well. Dark circles are a result of excessive fluid present inside the tissues around your eyes. Caffeine, which is one of green tea’s main ingredients helps in draining the fluid, which not only helps to get rid of pigmentation but also reduces swelling around the eyes. Keep green tea bags in the freezer until they are chilled, place the same bags over your eyes for about 15 minutes and you will start to see a noticeable difference in just one use only.

Small bumps on the forehead can be very pesky. Since, forehead forms to be a part of your T-zone which secrets more oil, the forehead is susceptible to acne. However, apart from the sebum production, there are many other underlying reasons that cause forehead acne. Dandruff, itchy scalp, stress, menopause, genetics, hot weather, and product reactions are some of the major causes that you develop small bumps on the forehead.
If you’ve done everything possible still, there is no significant improvement we have scooped out the most effective tips that will help you to control the breakout on your forehead.
Read the following tips if you want to knock-off forehead acne from the list.

Control Excess Sebum Production

The excess sebum production is the root cause of all type of acne and since forehead has the major brunt of sebum production it’s really important that if you want to control the tiny bumps you need to control the sebum production. Here are a few ways in which you can control excess sebum production-

• Use Salicylic Acid Cleanser twice a day.
• Do not over-wash your face.
• Incorporate chemical exfoliation
• Never over-exfoliate
• Try oil-free products
• Use chemical sunscreen as it will not clog your pores
• Avoid too much layering of skincare products
• As a weekly pampering use clay masks

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Your forehead is closely associated with the scalp thus the health of the scalp will directly affect the forehead. Oily and irritated scalp leads to tiny bumps on the forehead so, it’s very important that you take care of your scalp. Here are a few ways that will help in taking care of your scalp.
• Wash Your Scalp twice a week
• Avoid SLS based Shampoo instead use mild formulations free from any harmful chemicals
• Don’t over-rinse your hair
• Nourish your scalp at least once a week

Reduce Stress

The biggest reason for acne is stress which very least of us are familiar with. If you’re wondering how stress augments the acne breakouts here is the answer. Stress increases the cortisol hormone which is a stress-related hormone that overdrives the sebaceous which results in more oil production. Here are a few stress-relieving tips that will help you in reducing stress-
• Regular Exercising
• Meditate once a day
• Reduce caffeine intake
• Try Yoga
• Think Affirmatively
• Stop Over-thinking

Control Dandruff

Dandruff is known to be the root cause of acne on the forehead so, if you have dandruff and acne on the forehead instead of finding ways to control acne first look for treating the root cause i.e. dandruff. Dandruff is a result of the dry and undernourished scalp and results in an itchy scalp. Here, are a few steps that will eliminate dandruff.
• Once a week use an anti-dandruff shampoo
• Oil your hair regularly
• Try natural ingredients such as fenugreek seeds and aloe vera gel on to the roots of your hair
• Before you wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo, apply tea-tree oil on the roots and keep it for about one hour

Hair Products


Whatever you apply on to your forehead directly affects the forehead thus using chemical loaded strong hair sprays and gels can irritate your scalp leading to tiny bumps on the forehead, therefore, try not to use too many hair products.
Too much layering of hair products is also bad, it will lead to greasy scalp and the grease will clog your pores hence as much as possible restrict yourself from using hair sprays and gels.

Well, we all love doing makeup, and sometimes removing makeup after a long day or after-party can be a tough job. Makeup removers might be the best solution to remove makeup but sometimes it can hard to take off makeup from the pores. To ensure that you can remove your makeup in a cleaner and smoother way, this beauty blog has got the best natural ingredients for you that will help to enhance the natural glow and clean the pores for maintaining the healthiness of the skin. If you’re ready to try out some super amazing natural ingredients for removing makeup then we are here to help you.
Well, today on this beauty blog we have shared the best natural makeup removal ingredients that will help to cleanse your skin and will help to moisturize the layers of skin. So, if you’re getting curious about the best natural remedies for removing makeup then you can definitely dig into this trending blog. We won’t take waste your much time you can simply go through the details mentioned below and get every idea about natural makeup remover.

Coconut Oil

This natural oil is like a lifesaver, this oil contains ultimate good nutrients that help to balance healthy-looking soft skin. Coconut oil is the most essential and excellent natural ingredient that can help to swish away stubborn all kinds of makeup even if it’s waterproof makeup. This essential oil has amazing smoothness that takes away all the makeup leftovers from the pores to ensure that your skin can breathe freely. Using coconut oil for makeup can help to refresh and rejuvenate the layers of the skin. Also, coconut oil can be the natural ingredient that can easily vanish away eye makeup that we all are the hardest part to clean.

Olive Oil

To maintain the youthful glow and softness of the skin everyone prefers olive oil as the best remedy. But, olive oil can be a super amazing ingredient that will help to remove your makeup in minutes. Olive oil contains excellent nutrients and essential components that can help to moisturize and repair skin concerns. Similarly, using olive oil and sugar as a scrub can also help to wash away the impurities and blackheads of the skin. Therefore, using olive oil for removing makeup can be the best things that can you can do to maintain a healthy smooth texture and natural glow of the skin.

Shea Butter

Well, we all have heard about Shea butter, which is an amazing natural ingredient that helps to maintain softness and brighter radiance of the skin. Rubbing Shea butter on makeup can help to rinse away all the impurities that are left on your skin. One of the best things about Shea Butter is that it can sweep away stubborn eye makeup in one stroke. If you want to have a natural and healthy moisturized glow after removing makeup then you can definitely use Shea butter for getting the best results for clear looking skin.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the best and supernatural ingredients that can offer ultimate benefits for our skin. This essential oil contains super nutrients that can help in anti-aging, boost radiance, enhance brightness, and smooth clear texture of the skin. And, yes almond oil can indeed work like magic for removing makeup from skin. Rubbing almond oil can help to soothe the skin and will improve the texture of the skin, therefore applying almond oil on the skin can help to easily sweep away the excess makeup and clean the pores without any extra efforts.
Therefore, you should definitely try these supernatural ingredients for removing makeup naturally. Thus, we hope that now you can easily get the natural healthy glowing skin even after removing makeup.

We spend so much time in our skincare; we forget that the other body parts do require the same tender love and care. Monsoons can take a huge toll on your body with flu and infections every other day but if there is anything that takes the strain of monsoon more, our feet! The rainwater filled with mud and bacteria can harm our feet in many ways.
It’s understood we can’t take care of our feet every day but once a week you can owe in taking care of your feet, right? That’s not much, we guess. So, if you really want your feet to stay healthy and soft this monsoon we have fetched for you the ideal care you should give to your feet. And, believe us it’s easy and simple.
Show your feet the attention and care by following these simple and effective ways. Keep Reading!

Switch To The Right Footwear

Monsoon time is more of wearing comfortable and durable than anything stylish, especially in the footwear. So, give your heels and ballerinas some rest and slide your feet in something more comfortable and sturdy. By moving towards the right pair you can actually show love for your feet.
Avoid using anything closed-toe shoes or even sneakers instead swap your footwear preference more towards rubber chappals as the closed shoes accrue more water. Trust us your feet will thank you for this! During monsoon, your feet seriously deserve a break from those fancy things. Therefore, invest in a good-quality durable option.

Regularly Trim Your Nails

If foot nails are kept longer during monsoon can be a huge draw for dirt, grime, and bacteria. So, whenever you’ll step out in rainy water your nails can accumulate all that dirt, grime, and bacteria. Hence, during monsoon, we would advise you to always trim your nails and in that way, the dirt and bacteria will not enter.

Clean Your Feet In Hot Water

When you return home always make sure you clean your feet. Or once a week give your feet a hot water dip. The hot water will increase circulation and reduce inflation. You can see how relaxed you’ll feel while taking hot water dip. Make sure the hot water is not too hot that it burns your feet.
Soaking your feet in hot water without adding anything extra in it will soothe your muscles, and hydrate your feet. So, once a week highly recommended!

Weekly Exfoliation

One thing you can’t dare to miss in your feet care is weekly exfoliation. A weekly exfoliation in monsoon is a must. You can use body scrubs to exfoliate your feet, body scrubs work really well in getting rid of accumulated dead skin on the surface of your heels.
Another great way to scrub your feet is to use a pumice stone. The skin around the heels can turn out to be very hard so regular exfoliating will help to soften the hard skin, hence, do try this out once a week and even if you do it daily it won’t do any harm.

Moisturize Your Feet

It’s very important you moisturize your feet regularly. Rainy water can dehydrate your feet so, it’s important you moisture them. Even if you’re not able to do it regularly we have a weekly hack for you. Once a week apply a thick layer of your body moisturizer and wear socks so that the moisture sinks into the deeper layer of the skin. Wear the socks for about 15 minutes and after that massage your feet gently.

So, that was a simple guide on how can you take care of your feet in monsoon. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help.

Each person has their own set of qualities, but the default factor is that everyone has their own default as well. Well, if your defaults are letting you look aged then, you most definitely need to work on them. There are several aging industries that are thriving as the surgical demand is growing. Individuals have been constantly looking up ways to look younger. Well, if you take care of your intake in life then you can make the difference in the way you look. Our body will react in the way we treat it. If we are not doing anything and just sitting and making time for nothing then our body will get into the lazy zone and start to reflect our age. Therefore, it is important for an individual to look at the ways of life in a proper manner and deal with it at the right time. We will discuss today a few things that need to be changed in life to appear fit and young.


If you have a sweet tooth and enjoying sweets every day just after you had your meals then fristly, you might be doing overeating, and secondly, the sweet in the candy bars, desserts, etc aren’t good for your teeth and the gut. Refined sugar causes inflammation that can cause various diseases. Once sugar is refined it releases some chemicals which react to an individual looks, making them look tired and puffy all the time. Eating healthy food is essential to fitness. Your gut is responsible for your energy level throughout the day. You need to inculcate healthy eating in your routine to lose weight and remain fit.

Quality Sleep

It is called a beauty sleep because it helps cure your body. When a person is sleeping your body releases the melatonin. It is a sleeping hormone that helps your body to repair the mental as well as physical damage. It is during the sleep your body feels light and you wake up refreshed with a healthy positive mind. It is crucial for a human to have around 7 hours of sleep in a day to let your body perform all these functions. The posture is necessary while you are sleeping. One should either sleep straight or towards the left side of their body. Sleeping upside down like laying on your tummy isn’t an ideal posture to sleep in. Another thing to keep in mind while sleeping your face. It should not be tuck in the pillow you shouldn’t cover your face use an eye mask but breathe the fresh air.

Crash Dieting

If you want to put a conscious effort on your body to lose weight then crash dieting cannot be the thing that you need to do. Losing weight faster can lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients in our body. Our body needs various nutrients to survive the day, and when you do crash dieting your body isn’t offered the vitamin or even the fat intake you need. Therefore, your body will not only show stretch marks, shagginess but grow weaker inside, which will definitely lead to mature looks. It is normal to lose two pounds of weight in a week and not a day. Gradual weight lose will encourage you and stabilize your body.


Performing regular exercise has to be your goal every day. If you are performing exercise just during the holidays and as soon as the office begins then you have gone on break then you aren’t true to yourselves. You need to make out time for 10 minutes a day and gradually increase it. You will feel the difference not in your body but your mind as well. Therefore, maintain your work schedule and reach your goal. It will not only promote the youthful nature but also help you have a better life span.

If you look inside your kitchen, particularly the refrigerator, you will be surprised to know that you already have so many amazing ingredients at your home that can benefit your hair and skin in countless ways. If you are someone who takes care of their skin using DIY methods, this article is just for you. You may have used and heard of plenty of face masks and face scrub recipes containing yogurt, which plays a vital role in taking care of your skin, but have you ever given it a thought that why almost every recipe has this one ingredient, which is largely consumed by people all around the world? Apart from benefitting your body internally by regulating gut health, it also benefits your skin in plenty of ways when applied topically. Yogurt is one of those ingredients that not only soothes and calms the skin but can also be used by anyone, regardless of their skin type. It is an excellent ingredient for every skin type, which also helps in treating several skin woes. Curious to know about them? Keep reading the article below to discover all the amazing benefits of using yogurt on the skin.

Brightens up the complexion

Our skin suffers a lot on a daily basis, all thanks to the environmental aggressors such as dirt, pollution, and UV rays, which makes it difficult for our skin to breathe and remain healthy. Owing to these factors, our skin not only starts to lose its texture but also looks very dull and lifeless. This is when yogurt comes to the rescue, it is a rich source of lactic acid, which helps in exfoliating your skin and get rid of the entire dead skin layer that was making your complexion appear dull. Applying yogurt to your face twice a week will help to brighten up your complexion and make your skin look glowy at the same time.

Keeps your skin protected from harmful UV rays

It’s no secret that UV rays are extremely harmful and damaging for the skin, which often results in the form of dark spots and uneven skin tone. However, there’s a way to reduce the effect of these harsh sun rays, using yogurt on the skin every day helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots and even out the skin tone. Apart from that, it is also known that yogurt acts as a protective shield and keeps your skin from getting sun-damaged.

Combats acne

Yogurt is packed with probiotics, which can be extremely beneficial for your skin, especially when it’s breaking out. Probiotics are known to be antibacterial in nature, which helps in killing acne-causing bacteria. Applying yogurt on your face not only helps to reduce the formation of new acne but also minimizes the inflammation. Apart from calming your existing acne, yogurt also accelerates the healing process and helps you get rid of acne as quickly as possible, without aggravating the problem.

Soothes skin infection


Another amazing benefit of using yogurt for the skin is its soothing properties. Yogurt is packed with anti-inflammatory and microbial properties, which can be beneficial for your skin. Due to the presence of these properties, yogurt might help you with the skin infection and soothe the inflammation. However, before you use this DIY method to treat your skin infection, it’s advisable to always consult your dermatologist. Also, you shouldn’t apply the yogurt to infected or broken skin, it can further aggravate the problem, therefore, it’s best if you consult a dermatologist first.

Do you have a problem with chapped and dry lips? Well, we get you that it could be really uncomfortable to deal with the dryness and peeling skin problem. As we know that lips are very gentle and delicate they require excellent care, hydration, and nourishment, we ensure that we do the best for the lips. But, if you’re tired of treating your chapped lips and still can’t get the best reserve then no worries today we are here with some amazing natural remedies that will help to reduce the problem of dryness, peeling skin and chapped feel of the lips. Well, it feels great to tell you that we have brought the most excellent and top-rated natural remedies that can help to cure the problem in the best way also these remedies will help to provide the best care and hydration to the gentle skin.
If you want to know more about the best natural remedies for chapped lips then you can definitely go through this beauty blog and learn more about the home remedies that you can try out to cure the problem of chapped and dry lips. So, if you want to know more about it then you can definitely go through the details provided below.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the super and excellent home remedies that can help to cure the problem of chapped lips without any hassle. Coconut oil contains essential properties and nutrients that can help to provide excellent Nourishment and natural care to the lips. Applying coconut oil on lips can help to reduce the problem of dryness in the best way also this natural remedy will provide excellent moisture to the lips for natural care and can increase the feel of smoothness.


When it comes to lip care beeswax has always been the most ultimate and natural remedy for curing problems of the lips. Beeswax contains natural antibacterial properties that can cure all kinds of problems of lips and can help to reduce the dryness. Moreover, applying beeswax on lips can also enhance better color, softness, hydration, and moisture without any extra efforts. Therefore, consider that beeswax can be the best natural remedy for curing chapped lips.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is known to be the most super and excellent remedy for every skin, health, and hair care problem. Applying the natural gel of Aleo Vera on chapped lips can work faster to heal the dryness and peeling skin issue. Similarly, Aleo Vera gel can also work as the best natural ailment for increased softness and hydrated feel of the lips. Therefore, you should definitely apply Aleo Vera gel on the lips to cure the problem of chapped and dryness of the gentle lips. Also, you can apply on your face and skin to reduce tanning and for the increasing softness of the skin naturally.

Rose Hip Oil

If you are looking for the best natural essential oil for curing chapped lip issue, then rosehip oil can be the lifesaver. Rosehip oil contains high and excellent good properties and nutrients for curing all kinds of dryness, hyperpigmentation, and other skin concerns. Apply rosehip oil regularly can reduce the dryness and heal the gentle skin easily. Similarly, rosehip oil can plump the skin and enhance the healthy pinkish glow of the lips. Therefore, rosehip oil can be your best friend that can excellently cure the concern of dry and chapped lips.
Therefore, these were the most excellent and ideal natural remedies that can easily cure every concern of dry and chapped lips. Thus, you can rely on these supernatural remedies for curing every bad concern of lips.

Much like fashion trends, makeup trends also keep evolving with time. And even when the trends are not to be thanked, we makeup junkies are well capable of creating eye makeup looks that can create a sensation online very quickly. While bold eye makeup look always steals the show, smudged eyeliner, which is simple yet incredibly chic, will always remain pretty special and can never be replaced by any other eye makeup look in our books. Besides that fact that smudged eyeliner softens the entire look and is barely seen, it is also pretty easy to create and barely require any effort to nail the look perfectly.
Smudged eyeliner look is arguably one of the hottest and simplest make up trends out there, which can work wonders for your look. This makeup look will also come super handy to those girls who quite struggle with keeping their eyeliner in place and gets smudged all the time.

Prime your lids

First things first, the most important step to perform before you continue with your eye makeup is to apply a primer on your lids. It is an extremely important step, which won’t only make your eye makeup long-lasting but will also keep your smudged eyeliner intact throughout the day. Apply a tiny amount of matte primer on your lids and after letting it settle on your lids perfectly, you can continue with the eye makeup.

Apply eyeliner


This eye makeup revolves around the eyeliner; therefore, you will have to be pretty careful here and try not to make any mistake. After taking your eyeliner, apply it nicely across your lids very carefully. You can apply the eyeliner the same way you do it normally. Just make sure that you’re not using liquid eyeliner as it gets dry very quickly, which won’t leave time for you to smudge it. Prefer using gel-based eyeliner; using a makeup brush, apply the eyeliner over your lash line. You can choose to keep it either simple by drawing a fine line or give it a dramatic effect by drawing a wing.

Smudge the eyeliner


Now comes the most crucial and possibly the best part, smudging. You have to be pretty attentive here to make smudging looking as neat as possible. You can do this step by using either a cotton swab or pencil brush. Whatever you choose, just make sure to be very careful while smudging out the eyeliner. Try to make the eyeliner look as soft as possible and be very gentle while smudging it out.

Apply eyeshadow

It is an optional step; you can either continue with it or skip it entirely. And if you want to add more drama to your look and make it appear more glam, then you should apply the eyeshadow of your choice. Eyeshadow should be applied after you’re done creating the smudged eyeliner and not before that. Also, instead of using bold eyeshadow colors, try sticking to neutral tones, as these two make for a stunning combination.

Correct mistakes


Now that everything is done and no more smudging or blending is required, you can work on correcting those mistakes, which might have happened while creating the smudged eyeliner look. And it’s pretty simple; you will only require a cotton swab and makeup remover to correct those mistakes. Take a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and use it to correct all the mistakes or clean the areas that appear messy to you. This will help to make your smudged eyeliner look a lot neater and precise.
These are all the steps that you need to follow to create the smudged eyeliner look and voila! You will be ready to rock the day with those sultry, soft eyes.

While we have so many products in our makeup bag to be thankful for, there’s this one product that no makeup-junkie can get enough of and it’s none other than mascara. Every girl dreams of having those fuller and luscious eyelashes, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with naturally darker and fluttery eyelashes. This is when mascara comes to save our day and make our eyelashes look dreamy in no freaking time. Mascara is certainly a staple and it holds very much importance in almost every girl’s life, but have you ever looked at this product beyond its capability? If not, then now is the time. Mascara comes with many hidden talents, which can change your beauty game like crazy. Much like any other product that you have in your makeup arsenal, mascara holds an amazing ability to be used in so many other fantastic ways.
We have listed some of the lesser-known uses of mascara that will surely leave you surprised.

Brush your lashes

You may have emptied and gotten rid of quite a number of mascara bottles by now, but not anymore. We are not telling you to stock those empty bottles, just keep one of those empty ones with you and make sure its wand is in a good condition because it is the one that you will be using. When you apply mascara on your eyelashes, the clumps created on the lashes can look frustrating. However, there’s a way you can get rid of those clumps. After you are done applying mascara on your eyelashes, take a clean mascara wand and use it to brush your lashes, this will help to get rid of extra product and all the clumps. Additionally, you can also choose to brush your lashes before applying the mascara to make them look neat and tamed.

Tame your brows

Your brows are one of the most prominent features on your face and one of the best ways to make them work favorably for your look is to keep them brushed and tamed. And if you happen to run out of your brow pencil or the gel, there’s a trick you can perform using mascara. You can use this product to comb and tame your brows to keep them looking neat. Additionally, you can also use the same mascara that’s similar in shade to your brows to fill them up and keep them in place. Just make sure to use very light hand movement or else you can end up creating a mess.

Tame your flyaways and conceal your grey hair temporarily

This trick is especially for those who have black hair and if not, then you can easily buy colored mascara. Whether you have to get rid of flyaways or temporarily color your grey hair, mascara has always got your back. Take a mascara wand and lightly run it over the grey strand to conceal it temporarily. Similarly, you can run mascara over your flyaways to make them settle down for some time.

Use it as eyeliner

This can become one of your favorite hacks especially when you have run out of your eyeliner last minute. All you will need is your mascara and an eyeliner brush. Take some product on the brush and use it to create that perfect winged eyeliner. Start by taking a very little product and then gradually build it up to darken its appearance to avoid any kind of mistake.

Nourish your lashes with almond oil

Dreaming of those fluttery, luscious lashes? There’s a way you can get them without using your mascara. You will need an empty bottle of mascara, with both wand and tube properly and thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any product residue. After making sure that they are clean and dry, pour some almond oil in the tube and then use the wand to apply the oil on your lashes effectively.