Definitely an accessory with the most utility and fan following! Every woman loves this accessory because it has multiple styling options and also is very convenient to carry around all day. It is the ultimate wardrobe staple for fall and winter. One cannot deny the importance of wearing a shawl in breezy winters. You also get to flaunt a cool vibe with it. You feel instantly all dressed up so what else do you need? You need a style guide to wear that same shawl in different ways with different outfits and occasions. Whether it’s knit, silken or infinity shawl, it can be worn universally with everything in the chilly weather. We have shared the best styles to wear this fall season to step out in style- Read more

Animal prints always add spice to an outfit and make you stand out of the crowd. Although they are just prints, they still have the capacity to blow everyone’s mind because of the vibe that comes with them. Tiger prints, leopard prints, bird prints, and zebra prints are the most sold ones. So today we are here to talk about the famous and vintage style ZEBRA PRINTS and how they can alter you look completely when styled the right way. They are a simple black and white combination of stripes, wavy lines or blocks and we all know how wonderfully the BNW contrast works. It will instantly brighten up your outfit with its bold features. So you can pair them with anything neutral and bright.

We’ve listed a couple of tips as to how you can wear this exclusive zebra print and slay all the way! Read more

Every skin tone is pretty. Every person is beautiful. It’s not ‘the fairer, the prettier’ game anymore. You will see dusky women in ramp walks and runways posing as models and even appearing in advertisements to endorse beauty products. Because beauty is not what you look like on the face, it’s what you feel on the inside. When you feel pretty on the inside, it reflects on your face and that glow is what we define as beauty! So the next time you hear someone saying, ’pink is your color!’ it means that color really flatters your skin and brings glow on our face.

Now, this takes us into thinking that different colors flatter different skin tones and bring out their glow. Maybe the color pink won’t do it as well as black. So study and analyze carefully what looks best on you and then go for the right option. We have listed different color options for various skin tones, have a look- Read more

Sunglasses are a major part of our everyday life. They are stylish and come in varied designs so that we can add an edge to the outfit. We use them whenever we go out to add an attractive vibe to our personality. They are perfect for every event, every vacation, and outing because of so much color availability. Another thing we use as an everyday staple is eyeglasses. Wearing eyeglasses does not depend on a particular situation because they become our necessity. They are unavoidable and have to be worn no matter what to have a clear vision. And if you thought, this was your last resort to look fashionable, we can prove you wrong. You can look stunning with eyeglasses too and create a statement look. There are a lot of variations and designs in eyewear now that you’ll get tired choosing the right one but the options won’t end. Whether it is optical frames or fancy frames, they have the potential to give you a smart and sexy look. Read more